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Why Choose Titanium Cooking Utensils, Kitchen Cutlery, Thermo Flask and Bottles?

1. Vibration Resistance
Titanium is resilient as it protects the cyclist from most vibration. You never know riding is such a comfortable thing without it.
2. Extended Fatigue Life (frames that last a lifetime)
Firstly,Titanium is tough at both high and low temperatures. It resists breaking, crackingor chipping underimpact or stress.Secondly,Titanium is a self-healing metal that forms an oxide ceramic skin over itself when scratched. This gives it the ability to resist being eroded by contact with outside materials such as dirt, sand, ice, mud, etc. You may enjoy a lifetime riding with it.
3.Low Density (low weight)
Titanium is 40% lighter than steel.
4. Strength-to-Weight Ratio
Titanium has superior strength-to-weight ratios. It is the choice for aircraft.
5. Corrosion Resistance (rust free)
6. Flexibility
Titanium may be flexed or bowed repeatedly without undergoing rupture. It has ½ of the modules of steel; therefore, it will bend at least twice as far before breaking.
7. Greater elongation tolerance( ability to bend back)
8. Non-Poisonous
Titanium is no-poisonous and biologically inert.

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