To achieve total baggage weight of 10kg ultra light bike touring, titanium cookware is a must.
Especially when I try to weight everything including my bike for less than 23kg.

For the cookware, I learned that titanium is the best option for healthy safety, weight, and durability.(Do not get aluminum cooker, do some research, just saying)
After my research, this is what I got.

1400ml pot, 500ml frying pan; 210g

Titanium Bowl (600ml; 52.5g)
Titanium Spork(16g)

I also got the small bowl that would fit inside the pot. 600ml bowl does feel small for me but hello, minimalism, let’s see how it goes as well.

This is my cooking gear, all compactly packed. Everything for only 273g(9.63oz)
Not too bad, huh?
I boiled water in this cooker and who said titanium takes long to cook stuff?
My water was boiled in a minute!

Now let’s see how easily it could get burned when I stiffly something on fire.
So far, I think they are great lightweight titanium camp cookware!

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