Conditions and Terms of Warranty:-

1. Any or all products and goods that are distributed by E-Commerce City Mall of Triple Stars Alliance Co. ( Company Registration No. SA20091044) are fully Warranty against manufacturing faults and defects for a period of one (1) week with immediate effect from the very moment you have signed the Acknowledgement of Receipt of one or all of these products and goods from Poslaju or any other Courier company delivery man/woman that is/are authorised by Triple Stars Alliance Co. (SA20091044)

2. You are required to check any or all of your order’s products quality immediately upon the receipt of any or all of these products and goods in front of the Poslaju or any other Courier company delivery man or woman. You must check and examine the the conditions and status of your ordered products and see whether if it were broken or damaged due to transportation accident.

3. You must make sure that your parcel, packet, bag or cartons concerned were not tampered with leading to loss of part of the products and goods. If such case / cases happened, then reject all the parcel, packet, bag and cartons concerned.

4. There will be no warranty and no refund of whatsoever if any or all of the products and goods are/were tampered with and have been subjected to misuse,negligence or accident.

5. Any defect which is caused by fire, over heating, lightning and natural disasters will not be covered.

6. You are entitled to choose for free replacement of any or all products with manufacturing fault and defects instead of refund of cash subjected to the ratio of one for one free replacement and the availability of stock.

7. Any or all of the refund of cash for products and goods with defects or manufacturing faults will be made only upon the receipt of the so-called products and goods of defects and manufacturing faults by the supplier or Triple Stars Alliance Co. Therefore you have to make sure that you are returning to us all the products and goods with defects and manufacturing faults within seven days upon the receipt of the above products and goods.

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