A) “The Greatest Wealth is Health” – Virgil, a Roman Poet
This is “Wearefourawesome’s” E-portfolio in response to the Driving Question given to us.
Some of us agree with the quote given while some doesn’t.

Agree :

If we are not healthy, we won’t be wealthy.
Without a healthy body, we are unable to go out to work to earn income(Wealth).
If we have the wealth but we suffered from an incurable illness, no matter how much money we have, it is of no use.

Without wealth, we won’t have health due to the high medical expenses in Singapore.

Some of us agree that “The greatest Wealth is Health”. We believe that without health, we will not be able to earn money. Also, Wealth can be defined differently depending on individual. Some define wealth as Family. Some define wealth as Studies. The most common of all, most define wealth as Money.

From those who agreed that Wealth is Health, we have come to a conclusion that without health, there will not be wealth because when you are unable to work, how are you going to earn money? Also, without health, most will be spending their money ‘repairing’ their health and hence, it will eventually lead to a decrease of wealth as time goes by.

We feel that, no matter how wealthy a man is, if he works all day and night to be wealthy and ended up with some incurable illnesses, wouldn’t it be a very sad case that you are unable to spend what you have earned? When you are unable to enjoy life as much as you work for it, on your death-bed, friends and family will not be your only regrets. Another thing that you will add on to your regret-list will be “unable to enjoy life with the money that I’ve earned”

We believe that with Health, We will be wealthy.
But with wealth, We might not be Healthy.

Wealth can stands for a lot of things.
To us, it doesn’t only means health.
We believe that when We are healthy, We can go to work and save money and be wealthy.
When we are Healthy, We will be happy and will not be stressed over medical fees.
When we are Healthy, We can have freedom and do anything We want without restrictions.
When we are Healthy, We will be able to take care of people We love.
When we are Healthy, We will be able to learn a lot of things.

To me, wealth is not just about money.
With money, We can’t buy love.
With money, We can’t buy friends.
With money, We can’t buy relationship.
With money, We can’t buy trust.
With money, We can’t buy freedom.
With money, We can’t buy knowledge.
With money, We can’t buy life.
With money, We can’t buy Health.
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