Is disposable wooden cutlery more eco friendly than plastic?

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Mayleen Muñiz

Answered Jun 26 2016

Plastic both releases and absorbs toxic chemicals as it photodegrades for up to a thousand years into smaller and smaller pieces that harm wildlife. It’s also made from nonrenewable resources (it’s petroleum-based). Wood can be composted, biodegrades much faster, and is sourced from a renewable resource (trees), so if i had to pick between the two it would be the wooden utensil.

However, I’d reccomend staying away from disposable utensils in general and keep in mind that tree harvesting is only sustainable so long as we aren’t harvesting them more than planting them. Stick to reusable cutlery which reduces your output of trash/waste. I like the RePEaT utensil sets at

which are made from bamboo wood. Bamboo grows crazy fast (2 feet or more a day) and is endlessly renewable since it keeps growing new shoots from its extensive root system. Another outstanding feature of bamboo is that it produces 35% more oxygen than a traditional tree used to produce wood. What’s also nice is that the utensil holder is made out of RPET, or the recycled PET plastic found in plastic water bottles, which keeps them out of our landfills.

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