Shoddy utensils ‘threaten health’

By Hu Min | March 27, 2017, Monday |

SEVERAL batches of stainless steel products sold at local supermarkets were found to be substandard, the city’s quality watchdog warned at the weekend.

They were found to contain excessive toxic and carcinogenic heavy metal, which is harmful to health if used for conveying food.

A batch of plates sold at the Zhonghuan Road outlet of CenturyMart were found to have excessive amounts of chromium and nickel, according to the Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau.

The plates were made by Xianqiao Zhoushun Hardware Factory in Jieyang City, Guangdong Province.

A batch of soup spoons sold at the Yishan outlet of Carrefour failed a quality test for excessive chromium. They were made by Guangdong Jinda Hardware Product Co.

A batch of stainless steel chopsticks sold by Shanghai Changfa Shopping Center Co and made by Tangzong Furnishing Co in Fujian Province were also found to have similar problems.

China’s national standard on food safety restricts the amount of heavy metals deposited from stainless steel products contacting with food.

If stainless steel products with excessive heavy metal like chromium and nickel contact with food, officials said food would likely be contaminated and could threaten people’s health.

Chromium is carcinogenic and could lead to dermatitis, eczema, tracheitis and rhinitis.

If it accumulated in the body, it could be poisonous, causing liver, kidney and DNA damage.

Excessive nickel would harm people’s liver, kidney, heart, and lungs if it accumulated in the body, even triggering lung cancer in serious cases, doctors warned. These substandard products have been taken off shelves as investigation proceeds.

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