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Best Titanium Cookware Is So Famous, But Why?

September 29, 2017 By Admin Leave a Comment

Nonstick cookware is loved by every chef because of its convenience, feasibility and health benefits. Most of the people who use non-stick cookware often complain about the non-stick coating wearing away. If you are facing the same problem, you do not have to worry because Titanium cookware is the solution to your “scratching on the non-stick cookware” problem. Titanium cookware is the foremost choice of professional chefs because of its number of benefits. Titanium cookware is made of hard-anodized aluminum combined with ultra-strong titanium. Titanium cookware is not only lighter in weight but also durable in terms of the long lasting non-stick coating. You can use metal utensils on this coating, and it will still give you the best results. However, it is actually expensive when it comes to buying the best titanium cookware. Most of the people fell prey to the tricky marketing techniques and can’t decide to choose the best titanium cookware. We have provided useful tips in this article to help you with buying titanium cookware. This article will also help you find the best titanium cookware sets.

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Different Types of Cookware

Tasty and healthy food is a must have for almost everyone in this world. Taste and goodness of food depend on the cook as well as the cookware. Cookware can make your food extremely healthy, tasty, and delicious and vice versa. There are different types of cookware used nowadays, and there is a wide range of cookware in the market these days. You can pick the one according to your requirements. Different types of cookware available are:

1. Stainless Steel Cookware

It is one of the most used cookware and used as an uncoated material for almost everything from cooking to pickling. It is mostly available in sets of sauce pans and frying pans. It is generally durable and faces less wear and tear. It is known o be healthy cookware because it does not react with food. However, it can be difficult to clean sometimes, and you will need non-stick cookware anyway.

2. Non-stick Cookware

Non-stick coated cookware is used for low-fat food cooking and healthier for diet conscious people. It is easier to clean and uses low fat in cooking. However, it might not be dishwasher safe all the time.

3. Enameled Cast Iron Cookware

It can be used for almost every type of cooking and can be moved from kitchen to dining table because these are that stylish. It distributes the heat evenly, safe to wash in the dishwasher and very resistant to corrosion. Cast iron cookware is generally heavy and gets even with food in it.

4. Uncoated Cast Iron Cookware

It is known as “natural non-stick, ” and it is extremely durable. It can also be used in the oven, durable and can be used to preheat for browning of food. However, it is not known to distribute heat evenly. It can’t be washed in the dishwasher and corrodes easily.

5. Carbon Steel and Blue Steel Cookware

This cookware is extremely durable and has a higher efficiency which makes it suitable for professional chefs. Easy cleaning and can be cleaned using paper towels. These are not dishwasher safe and need to be seasoned.

6. Copper Cookware

Copper is one of the oldest known cookware, and it has been used in cookware and utensils for a long time. It has made its comeback in almost every kind of utensils from drinking cups to cooking. It is popular because of its efficiency and quicker cooking. It can be used for every kind of cooking from sautéing to frying and simmering. Copper cookware is, however, expensive and dent easily. It is also reactive and can react with food making it less healthy. It can be only hand washed and not in the dishwasher.

7. Aluminum Cookware

It can be a smart and probably the best choice of cookware as it is available in reasonable, lighter in weight transfer the heat quickly. However, it will discolor the food and sauces which will change the taste of the food.

8. Titanium Cookware

The most popular cookware is the one coated with titanium. Titanium is also known as one of the strongest metals, and best titanium cookware is used nowadays for quick and healthy cooking. Titanium cookware is used extensively because of its feasibility, excellent taste of food and benefits for human health.

What is Titanium cookware made of ?

Titanium is known to be lighter in weight and stable metal. Even with its light weight and being lighter than most of the metals used in cookware it is still as strong as stainless steel cookware. It is used mostly in cookware nowadays due to its number of benefits. Titanium cookware generally uses Aluminum on its base which is known for quicker heat transfer and smooth heat distribution.

Is Titanium Cookware Safe?

Titanium cookware is tested and proven to be safe for health. It does not use any toxic elements, and it’s durable. One can rely on titanium cookware for healthy cooking and food without compromising his/her health. Among other cookware metals like cast iron or copper, it is the one which does not put your health at risk as much as other metals do. There is no chemical reaction of titanium with food which makes it healthier. Titanium is also one of the metals which do not absorb in the food. It is the cookware which can be compared with good quality cookware.

Benefits of Titanium Cookware

A list of benefits of using titanium cookware is given below:

It is highly acid resistant and not easy corrodes.

It is extremely scratch resistant and durable; as it is the main concern for cooks that the utensils do not get scratched, stay clean and appropriate for healthy cooking.

Titanium cookware stays new until very long time and maintains its new and stylish appearance.

Sometimes titanium cookware manufacturers give warranty for up to 20 years.

As titanium cookware is nonstick, so it reduces the use of oils and fats which are extremely healthy for human heart and problems related to hypertension and also economical.

You can cook the food even on high flame, and it will not get burnt due to the non-stick technology of titanium cookware.

As the Aluminum base provides you even heat distribution, you don’t have to cook the food on the higher flame and get the good results with least expense on your gas or fuel.

The food cooked in titanium is essential tastes good.

Cooking in titanium cookware preserves the nutrients, so the food does not lose its nutritional value.

Titanium cookware is extremely easy to clean; it can be easily wiped and cleaned by using wash clothes, detergent, and sponge.

You do not have to use abrasives to clean the titanium utensils.

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