The Other Side of a Rice Cooker

By Rudy D. Liporada, NATIONAL CITY, 12/17/2010 —

(Publisher’s note: As a way to help promote health for the community, Asian Journal has requested the author to write a series of articles about Saladmaster which claims to have cookware systems for the healthiest way of cooking. Rudy D. Liporada is the dealer of Saladmaster in National City.)

If your rice cooker is made out of aluminum, anodized, or Teflonized, you must continue reading. I am not an expert but I know that an aluminum rice cooker is a solid matter with molecules that, when heated, will dance like the Macarena and do the boogie with the rice we are cooking. If this is good or bad, you be the judge. If you decide to take action like seek me out and slap me if you think I am wrong or want to know more, call me at the number at the end of this article.

I am not a doctor so I am not an expert on diseases and their cures. I am not also a dietitian who can tell one the best food to eat for nutrition’s sake. What I am is a former engineering student who had to shift to a cheaper course because my mother had a heart attack and could no longer afford my engineering dream.

But what does being an engineer have to do with a rice cooker?

As an engineering student, I had higher math courses including Calculus and Physics. I also had Chemistry and exposed to the Table of Elements.

So, again, what has this do with a rice cooker?

Forget parabolas, infinity, vectors, and others. Let’s just be on simple elementary science where all matters (which of course include solid Aluminum) are composed of molecules. Now, when molecules are heated, they are like tickled, agitated and would bounce off each other like (as I’ve said) dancing the Macarena.

Now, in Chemistry, when two elements are combined and heated (like when we heat flasks of elements under the Bunsen burners) the molecules of each element will separate from each other and dance with the (as I’ve said boogie with) other element’s molecules. Called reaction, they combine to produce a new product.

Also, in Chemistry, on the Table of Elements, Aluminum is found to be one of the softest metals. Meaning, when heated, its molecules will quickly jump to the dance floor and do a dizzying frenzy of not only Macarena, but cha-cha, salsa, or even tap dance.

And what happens to the rice if we are cooking it with Aluminum? Picture this: The rice is immersed in water. When heated, the molecules of water will be agitated and boil. The rice molecules will also be agitated and be cooked. Inside the pot, there would be an orgy of molecules – that of the rice, water, and aluminum – dancing with each other, intertwining, mingling, mixing. After the water has evaporated, only the rice will remain – with unseen Aluminum molecules.

Ever notice that after a day, your rice will turn yellowish and rancid? Ever notice that over a period of time, the aluminum of the rice cooker has centric shearing on its sides, faded? Did you ever consider where those aluminum sheared sides went? Can you imagine Aluminum trickling into your body and concentrating, embedding into certain parts, over a period of time devastating your systems and your systems projecting symptoms likened to cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, leukemia, and others?

Please, do no get me wrong, I am not stating categorically that Aluminum is the root cause of these diseases. I might just be a simple speculator who might now be being irresponsibly scaring you and I apologize. Nonetheless, there must also be a reason why they do not use Aluminum for bedpans in hospitals. See, our excretions are heavily acidic. Acid will corrode Aluminum. Rice has eight amino acids. Consider what those acids could do to your rice cooker specially when heated. There must also be a reason why Aluminum cookware is now banned in Europe and Canada. Of course, in America, we are more democratic where the Surgeon General just warns you that smoking can cause cancer. After all, it is your money, it is your health.

For those asking if I have proof that Aluminum rice cookers could be hazardous to ones health, I reiterate that I am not an expert and only speculate based on the general truths of Physics and Chemistry. And please, do not curse me if you strongly believe that I am wrong. Please do not elevate me to the category of Copernicus and Galileo who a pope cursed and excommunicated because they believed, in theory, that the world is round when everyone, including that pope, believed that the world then was flat.

I can also offer a simple experiment. Mix a solution of a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. Boil this solution in your rice cooker in high heat for at least ten minutes. If you find the solution to have turned milky, you would, perhaps, agree with me.

Am I offering a solution if this Aluminum hazard could be true? That would be for another article. If you would like to have an immediate answer, call me at 858-722-1465. I might even have a rice cooker not lined with Aluminum for you, free.

Next in this series: Teflon – Barbara Walters asks, “is it good for you?”



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Hameed Malik •

FEB 27  •  I believe Aluminum Molecule would do Macarena awheather they are heated or as the details given by Rudy Liporada.Reasons and warning has been issued for longtime that it causes Alzheimer.

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