The Strength & Benefits of wooden kitchen tools & wares 

Wood & Bamboo are Inert Material

The Greatest strength & beauty of both wooden & bamboo utensils is that both wood & bamboo non-reactive and they will not leach harmful chemicals into our food. Wooden & bamboo utensils won’t react with the apple acid, rice acids, vinegar , lime, asam kari & salt in foods and leave harmful chemicals especially when compared to industrial stainless steel including 18.8/ 304 stainless steel Turner, soup ladle, Skimmer , Spoon, Fork & knife that will all react strongly with apples/ rice acid, vinegar , lime, asam kari && salt. All these industrial stainless steel tools are dangerous & they will slowly poison us , spoiling our health thus finally destroyed our health completely.

Children are usually more prone to reactive actions of industrial stainless steel spoon, fork & knife against all kinds of acid as mentioned above . Therefore it is of utmost importance to get Food Grade kitchen wares either made of 18.10 / 316 Stainless Steel, or Titanium or bamboo & wood.


To prolong the life of both bamboo & wooden tools : A little sanding from time to time can help remove burn marks and stains.

Bamboo & Wood are Anti-Bacteria: Germs and Bacteria don’t Like Wood

Research indicates that the wood appears to have natural germ-killing properties. They are anti-bacteria. It has been proven that germs and bacteria grow much faster on plastic and metal than on wooden kitchenware surfaces.

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