The Strength and Benefits of Titanium cooking tools, utensils, fork, spoon & knife

1. Strong Resistance against acid, vinegar, lime, asam kari and salt while other industrial grade of stainless steel even with 18.8 / 304 stainless steel will have strong chemical reactions once get contact with acid, vinegar, lime, asam kari and salt in our food especially during cooking & eating. The  chemical reactions of industrial grade of stainless steel including 18.80/ 304 will release poisonous chemical that will greatly endanger our health leading to all kind of health problems and diseases.

The children are usually more prone to the effect of chemical reactions of acidic foods against all kinds of industrial Grade Stainless Steel products.

2. Extended Fatigue Life (frames that last a lifetime)

Firstly,Titanium is tough at both high and low temperatures. It resists breaking, crackingor chipping underimpact or stress.Secondly,Titanium is a self-healing metal that forms an oxide ceramic skin over itself when scratched. This gives it the ability to resist being eroded by contact with outside materials such as dirt, sand, ice, mud, etc. You may enjoy a lifetime riding with it.

3.Low Density (low weight)

Titanium is 40% lighter than steel.

4. Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Titanium has superior strength-to-weight ratios. It is the choice for aircraft.

5. Corrosion Resistance (rust free)

6. Flexibility

Titanium may be flexed or bowed repeatedly without undergoing rupture. It has ½ of the modules of steel; therefore, it will bend at least twice as far before breaking.

7. Greater elongation tolerance( ability to bend back)

8. Non-Poisonous

Titanium is non-poisonous and biologically inert. It is biologically compatible with the human body. So Titanium is widely used in medical teeth & bone implants as it is the safest metal in the world.

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