I have spent several years researching and refining my spoon oil that I call “Walnut Oil Based Spoon Wax” and have finally come up with a blend that is superior to all others.

I began my quest with some very simple criteria.  One, I was looking for a product that would be food-safe and truly non-toxic, and two, I needed a product that was durable and organic.  Over the years, it has been hard to find products that are truly food-safe and non-toxic for use on wooden kitchen utensils.

Many spoon makers have created their own mixes and have their own recommendations for caring of woodenware, but many fall short in there effectiveness and sometimes even there safety.  So, in my experience working with wood, I’ve found that pressed Flaxseed Oil, and natural Walnut Oil blended with pure Beeswax is the way to go.  Beeswax has been used in woodworking for centuries as a preservative and natural protectant.  Flaxseed Oil (cold pressed) along with Walnut Oil is found at my local grocery store.  Flaxseed as well as walnut oil are found in many food products and can be used as a condiment on salads and in food cooking receipts.  Walnut Oil taste great on salads.  I’ve found that this combination of natural ingredients helps satisfy my criteria as non-toxic, food safe, and durable.  As with any coating of Oil or Wax to a wooden spoon, a reapplication is needed every few months for care.  You may purchase my proprietary blend of Walnut Oil Based Spoon Wax HERE!

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