Hot Stone Massage has been prized for its ability to promote relaxation, healing and good health.  Finally enjoy these sensations and benfits at home instread of an expensive spa.

For thousands of years Hot Stone Massages have been prized for their ability to promote relaxation, healing and good health. Until recently you would have to head to an expensive spa to enjoy these benefits. Now, however, it’s possible to have a spa experience safely and enjoyably in the comforts of your own home.

Hot Stone Massage was practiced in the baths of ancient Rome. When special stones are heated and properly applied to the body, the stones help achieve total relaxation and the relief of stress while loosening stiff muscles, helping circulation and promoting deep-tissue healing.

The popularity of massages began in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, China, India, Greece and the Middle East. It is an effective way of reliving stress, anxiety and tension.

Secrets of Hot Stone Massage, a full-colour, fully illustrated step-by-step practical guide to the art of Hot Stone Massage. Everything you need to know to get started is clearly explained. The book’s author is a well-known practicing massage therapist and aromatherapist.

A generals supply of specially mined imported basalt river stones, the only stones recommended for Hot Stone Massage. Basalt stones were formed by the cooling of molten lava and are known for their smoothness and ability to retain heat.

Massage is an ideal gift to give a friend – and wonderful to receive as well!

These stones are even used at nail salons to warm, soothe and relax hands, legs and soles of feet.

Kit includes a full color book and a supply of stones

26 cm x 26 cm x 7 cm boxed set

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