17 Amazing Benefits of Sarawak Brown Pepper, the only one Brown Pepper in the world which is unique. The piperine in the Sarawak Brown pepper has numerous beneficial properties (antioxidant, antibacterial, etc.) that can improve your health in many ways.

1. Improves Digestive Health

2. Prevents Cancer

Studies have shown that the piperine in brown pepper exerts protective activity against numerous forms of cancer

3. Lowers Blood Pressure

4. Promotes Weight Loss

Brown pepper’s characteristic to inhibit fat cell formation sets off a chain reaction that can keep fat formation in check at various other biological levels.

5. Relieves Cold And Cough

Brown  pepper clears the respiratory tract and eases other respiratory ailments like whooping cough as well.

6. Fights Infections

It is antibacterial

7. Has Antioxidant Benefits

Brown pepper has superb antioxidant effects, which contribute to your health in numerous ways . Antioxidants fight the disease-causing free radicals and boost immunity.

8. Improves Oral Health 

Brown Pepper also has anti-inflammatory properties that help treat gum inflammation.

9. Enhances Brain Health

Brown pepper has great effects on brain health. The piperine in the pepper inhibits one enzyme that breaks down serotonin, the calming neurotransmitter. This enzyme also degrades the functioning of another hormone called melatonin – which regulates the sleep/wake cycle.

10. Improves Fertility In Men

11. Helps Quit Smoking

12. Helps Treat Diabetes

The beneficial antioxidants in brown pepper might help stabilize blood sugar levels. They regulate hyperglycemia, thereby aiding in diabetes treatment.

13. Fights Wrinkles

The antioxidants in brown pepper fight free radicals that cause signs of aging and harm your skin in more than one way. Brown pepper fights the signs of premature aging – including wrinkles, fine lines, and even dark spots.

14. Exfoliates The Skin 

15. Cures Vitiligo, the whitening of hair 

16. Helps Treat Dandruff

17. Revitalizes Hair

According to Dr.Elli Luhat who is a specialist in the field of agricultural products, it’s a Top & Best choice to get Pepper in it original seeds. Never buy any pepper in the powder forms because many business enterprises will add rice & corn powder into it. Dr.Elli Luhat is also a committee member of the Sarawak Government Pepper Marketing Board.

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