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The book explains sun Tzu’s competitive strategy in the terms of nine formulas that lead to business success. The book focuses on the specific strategic methods of advancing your position by winning the battles of competition. The nine formulas in the book are presented like recipes, describing the ingredients needed and how you put those ingredients together to create a successful enterprise. Table of contents: introduction: know how to compare to compete formula 1: 9 key components formula: understand competitive positions formula 2: find friends formula – success starts with information formula 3: observe opportunities formula – competitors create your openings formula 4: recognize restrictions formula – places for advancing and defending formula 5: minimize mistakes formula – make competitive advances safely formula 6: undercut uncertainty formula – respond to changing conditions formula 7: leverage leaps formula – create momentum for dominance formula 8: acquire awards formula – make victory pay formula 9: secure safety formula – defend from competitive attack all successful people have one thing in common: they know how to compete. Great competitors are not necessarily great in every aspect of business, but they know what really matters: winning. What makes great competitors? They have a special genius for strategic thinking. Fortunately, you don’t have to be born a genius to learn strategy. The nine formulas in this book make it easy. They teach you the simple steps to building winning positions. Sun Tzu’s strategy isn’t what you think. It isn’t fighting competitors. It is outmaneuvering them. It is building positions that undermine your competitors ability to compete and allow you to win easily. These nine techniques have been proven and refined for over two thousand years in the toughest testing ground of all, where success means life or death.
Number of Pages: 160
Author: Gary Gagliardi
Publisher: Clear bridge Publishing


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