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Bemban (Mohtra Reed) Baskets ( Bakul Bemban)
The Bemban Baskets is a special craft of the native or the original inhabitants of Sarawak

Type 1. Size Diameter 12.5 cm X Height 9 cm
(Diameter: 4.8 inches X Height 3.8 inches)
Bottom : 6 cm X 6 cm (2.5 X 2.5 inches)
Nett Weight: 0.029 kg
Colour: Red, Black
Gross Weight: 0.45 kg Including packing

The Bemban is a local Sarawak reed & is often considered the poorer cousin of more valuable rattan. The Chinese call it “Water Bamboo “(水竹)& the baskets made from it are called Water Bamboo baskets.
Many of the Sarawak standard local Mat & baskets is made of Bemban, a white flowering reed of the arrowroot family. They are eco-friendly and very durable.


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