DLT Gaharu Tea 100 % Organic

  • DLT Gaharu Tea 100 % Organic
    Nett Weight: 88 g Approximately
    25 packages per bottle
    Eco-Friendly with no preservative
  • Dimension of Bottle : Diametre 10.5 cm X Height 11.8 cm
  • Free Shipping within Malaysia
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Product Description

The benefits of gaharu leaves as tea & spice for all cooking & also originally as herbs for treatment and proven to help to relieve & lessen the severity of chronic diseases such as follows:-

Uric acid
Kidney problems
Prostate cancer
Thyroid fatigue is chronic
Sexual dysfunction
Sleep disturbance
Weight loss
High blood pressure
Unstable blood sugar levels (such as diabetes)
Skin disorders
Premature aging
Pulmonary care
Circulatory problems
Headache treatment
Anti-aging (23). Anti-Depression (24). Adding Energy (25). Calming the Body, relieving anxiety & depression


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