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Product Description

Created by John Assaraf, the New York Times best-selling author of Having It All and featured in The Secret and The Answer, this life-changing program will finally reveal a remarkable new, life-altering blueprint for your own personal success. John will teach you:
How to finally achieve all the success you want using a proven scientific process – not gimmicks or blind luck
Why the majority of your past failures may not be your fault!
How to reset your “expectancy point” … a recent scientific discovery that uncovers what’s actually holding you back.
How to double – and possibly triple – your income within the next 12 months
How to access your “Internal Google Search Engine”
How to use the latest advances in Neuroscience to set your mind on a “hunt for success” – even while you sleep!
Learn to harness the stunning power of “Unconscious Competence”… And how to Program Your Mind to automatically execute wealth-attracting actions while performing at your highest level of GENIUS – with no conscious effort at all!


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