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You rely on your key accounts for repeat business over time, but with Stephan Schiffman’s tips and strategies, you’ll find out how to increase your sales to these accounts and solidify your relationship as “partners” in the sales process.

In Mastering Your Key Accounts, Stephan Schiffman shows you how to implement a winning selling philosophy based on taking calculated risks and stirring things up within existing accounts. He gives you the tools to build key strategic alliances in all of your accounts. Inside you’ll find sure-fire strategies to:

Build alliances and win over critical constituents
Develop and refine a Major Account Mapping worksheet
Devise a growth/action plan for key accounts
Finalize an action plan that extends your network within the major account

As America’s recognized #1 sales trainer Stephan Schiffman promises to give you proven advice that will boost your business -and your bottom line!


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